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Slip-On Sock Shoes







6-12 months- US 4

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6-12 months- US 4

12-18 months- US 5

18-24 months- US 6

2 years- US 7

3 years- US 8

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Other Toddler Shoes

❌ Difficult to put on

❌ Heavy and clunky

❌ Rigid fit prevents natural movement

❌ Narrow toe box squishes toes

Memoire Kids Shoes

✅ Easy to slide on

✅ Lightweight

✅ Flexible, sock-like fit allows foot to move naturally

✅ Wide toe box allows toes to spread

Happiness Guaranteed

Flexible Soles Promote Natural Movement

Our flexible soles allow kids to feel the floor beneath them. This means they can develop balance and strengthen their muscles while learning how to walk!

Great for Kids Who HATE Shoes

Our shoes are so comfy and lightweight, your baby won't even notice wearing them! If your little one hates shoes, these are a game-changer.

Easy to Slip On

Forget cramming feet into stiff shoes or fighting with laces. Our shoes slip on like socks. Great for getting out the door in a hurry!

What Parents Are Saying About Our Shoes

Jillian H.

We love these shoes! My daughter loves to go barefoot and refused to wear shoes until we bought these for her. So cute! I love how they stay on, too!

Selena B.

Because my daughter is so close to walking on her own I knew she needed some shoes soon, and I wanted to get her used to wearing shoes too. These are great! They are lightweight, flexible, have good grippy soles and stay on her feet! They look super cute too!

Rachel S.

Best shoes ever. My kid has been wearing 4/5 since 11mos. They're comfortable like socks, yet sturdy enough for dry, wet, any terrain. Now I'm ordering another pair in the same size, and a bigger size as well! Every other parent compliments these and asks about them.

Danielle M.

My son walks in these with Ease! Which was a main struggle because modern shoes for him at the moment cause him to trip if he starts walking or he simply takes them off. These are harder for him to take off and light weight! LOVE LOVE! Also did I mention?! They dont get wet on the bottoms!!!

Laleska C

In love with these shoes and the flexibility that they give my baby’s feet!!!

Kayleigh H.

My daughter loves these shoes! Super flexible and lightweight! Definitely going to buy more for our 2nd daughter!

Christal C.

We love these shoes! They are super light and comfy for baby. They fit well with everything.


About Us

Hi! My name is Becca and I run this business with my husband. We’ve been running Memoire Kids for about 3 years now and we absolutely love what we do! We work hard every day to make shoes that kiddos love to wear. Every customer makes a difference for our small business.